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Do you have questions when first visiting a new church? Sure you do! Everyone does, so let's answer some of those now:

  • Is there a dress code? Absolutely. PLEASE WEAR CLOTHES! Other than that, you're good.
  • Will I have to do anything? Definitely. We want you to relax and become a part of the community at the church!
  • Why do you sing songs? We believe that God's tangible presence is evident in our praise and worship (singing), so that's why we sing.
  • What if I don't know the words? That's ok! We have the lyrics available for you on the screen, and, at the worst, just mouth "watermelon" along with the syllables. It looks the same!
  • What about bringing children? We love when parents involve their kids in learning about God! PowerZone KidZ Church is open for just that reason right after the song service every Sunday except the last one each month. That's Family Worship Day, so everyone is invited to participate in the main service.
  • How long does service last? Service normally lasts around 90 minutes, but there are the occasional "long" and "short" services. When miracles are happening, though, it doesn't matter how long it is...Cracker Barrel will wait!

We hope that this answers the majority of your questions. If you have any that are not addressed here, please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the church office at 770-945-2003.